Leave No Trace

​Leave No Trace

The room was rented
her heart on loan
affections borrowed
passions shown
garments silken
on the floor
do not disturb
on the door
her breath quickened
her breasts a sigh
in her arms
I went to die
instead I lived
from her touch
I guess I needed
this so much
I’d been alone
not anymore
the room was rented
and behind the door
there lay lovers
in sweet embrace
our loneliness
leaves no trace

(c) 2003 Paul D. Aronson. 


To Hide From The Sun

Into the night, away from the day
Flee from the light to where shadows lay
Into your dreams where nothing is certain
Parting the screams with your velvet curtain
Boys will be boys, girls will be girls
But I am destroyed by the cruel world
Then you find me, fear soaking wet
And your lips bind me by night in your debt
Touch me to dreaming til my body quakes
While windows are steaming I will not awake
I’ll stay here like this, breathless and numb
It’s a form of bliss to hide from the sun

By Paul D Aronson. 2003. All Rights Reserved.

My Favorite Glass

“My favorite glass”

I asked her why do hearts have to break
And she took a glass from the shelf
And smashed it on the floor –
Scattered shards and metaphors.
I watched her meticulously
Put all the pieces back in place
With paper glue and scotch tape
Though it didn’t go back together right ;
A few pieces missing,
A couple of them fractured,
Still it was my favorite glass.

By Paul D Aronson. 2003. All Rights Reserved.



Like a kaleidoscope she turned,
Crystals exploding and melting back,
In an ever changing cycle
of movement and light.

He held her in his trembling hands,
And somehow it wasn’t enough
To stop the twisting winds of decay,
As it wore away the sands of time.

Always spinning in its mad rotation,
He caught a vision of what was real,
But it was only a glimpse in the kaleidoscope
Catching her crazy colors swirl.

By Paul D Aronson. 2002.

World I Fear

​”World I Fear”

I have lain here,
feeling the darkness surround me,
closing in tighter and tighter
until it’s hard to move.

Immobile this flesh,
this close to spirit,
is it but a dream,
before the sleep?

Consciousness cries,
fingers twitch,
and I’m so afraid
To be trapped forever.

halfway ‘tween death,
and the world I fear.

By Paul D Aronson. 2002. All Rights Reserved.


​When your walls come tumbling,
I want to be beneath them,
So I may be pleasantly crushed
By your longings;
As your heart opens like a flower,
May the scent of love
Pull me closer to the petals
Of your waking soul;
When your skies at long last open,
Bathe me in your rain
So I may drown beneath
The beautiful flood;
Wash me away from dreams,
And into your heart,
Where I may live forevermore,
In your presence.

By Paul D Aronson. 2002. All Rights Reserved.

Photo by Paul D Aronson. 2010.