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Hello, and welcome to my main poetry page. Here you will find poetry of all styles and subjects, so feel free to browse around. Some of these poems are recent, but most are older pieces from my old yahoo groups, myspace page, and website. Since I’m no longer on any of those, I thought I would pick out my favorites and put them here in my wordpress blog for my followers and readers.

The links below are arranged in order of their posting, from most recent posted poems to older ones. Hope you enjoy!

Kristen’s Lullaby

In The Comfort Of Gathering Storms

Hushed Whispers 

Floating Down The River

Grandma’s Road

Dying To Be Thin

The Dreamweaver 

Dragon Lake

Deathless Love


Bare Trees Cry & The Moon Doth Wane

A Wife In The Comfort Of Love

Waking Up From The Hashbury Dream 

You &  Me & Everything We Could Be


The Ballad Of You And Me

Dear Miss Sarah Lynne (a letter from war)

Princess Of The Captured Sun (a fairy tale in verse)

Age Of The Two Kindreds

From The Moon To The Sea

Pleasured Pathways

You Dream

She Smiles

Drifting Out Of Dream

Leave No Trace

To Hide From The Sun

My Favorite Glass


World I Fear

Trying To Understand 


My Heart In Winter

Just A Kiss

Carnival Of The Clouds

In The Hours ‘Fore The Dawn

After The Rain

Scenes From A Vanishing Snowscape

Love The Rose

The Monster


All poetry within these pages are by Paul D. Aronson. All Rights Reserved. However, feel free to share or link to any of these pages if you enjoy. Thanks for reading 🙂


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