Resurrection Diaries: 10th Anniversary


Welcome to the main page for Resurrection Diaries: 10th Anniversary Serialized Edition. Here you will find the table of contents for the story so you can jump around to any part you like or find where you left off.

Resurrection Diaries was my first endeavor at publishing back in 2007, and as such, I had much to learn. While I felt I had an exciting story in place, the editing was horrible. This new edition will hopefully be a way for me to fix  those mistakes and possibly correct any discrepancies within the tale. If you own or have read the original, the story here will be unchanged in its plot, and you may not notice much difference at all. For those who are just discovering this story, I hope you will enjoy reading my diary. Told in 43 entries, it tells the tale of a man who accepts a job as a church custodian in a small town, only to discover the place may be haunted by a restless spirit. As the story unfolds within his diary, we see his life unraveling as he attempts to solve the mystery of the haunted church.
Just a little note about how fact and fiction can sometimes intertwine, the narrator of the diary is named Paul, which was my attempt at creating some realism, and at the time I was writing this I was working as a custodian in an old church at night. The floors and walls creaked quite a bit and inspired this book. In fact, a large part was written inside that old church. Still, this is a work of fiction and none of the events depicted actually happened.

Hope you enjoy! Read on….

Coming soon: Resurrection Diaries 10th Anniversary Serialized Edition

Entry 1: New Job

Entry 2: Arriving

Entry 3: Meeting Larter

Entry 4: First Day Of Work

Entry 5: Reverend Chiles

Entry 6: Waitress Beatricec

Entry 7: The Playground

Entry 8: Kids In The Closet

Entry 9: Church Library

Entry 10: Kids Again

Entry 11: Mrs Shiflett

Entry 12: Anklet Test

Entry 13: Matt and Susan

Entry 14: The Watcher

Entry 15: The Phone

Entry 16: John Martin

Entry 17: No One Else

Entry 18: Telling Donna

Entry 19: The Anklet Returns

Entry 20: Roger Blaine

Entry 21: A Dog’s Discovery

Entry 22: The Dress

Entry 23: Donna Leaves

Entry 24: Last Visit at Shifletts

Entry 25: Mischa’s Message

Entry 26: Visiting Tommy Blaine

Entry 27: I Dream Of Kittens

Entry 28: The Nephew

Entry 29: Encounter With Shaedra

Entry 30: The Baptismal Pool

Entry 31: Mischa’s Trinity

Entry 32: In The Martin Household

Entry 33: Headache And A Bible

Entry 34: Martin and Shaedra

Entry 35: Nephew Hunting and Tommys Note

Entry 36: Watching Game Shows

Entry 37: Help Me

Entry 38: The Mitchells

Entry 39: Out Of The Frying Pan

Entry 40: My Baptism

Entry 41: A Surprise In The Cellar

Entry 42: Hauntings End

Entry 43: A Sort Of Epilogue

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