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A Wife In The Comfort Of Love

Her dark hair on a pillow

A wife sleeps peacefully

In the comfort of love.

Sunlight through a window

Casts pleasant shadows

Across bedroom walls.

Birds song outside

Serenades the morning

In sweet summer splendor.

A husband adjust his tie

Sees in dresser mirror

His wife’s sleeping image.

Child runs through doorway

Jumps on the bed once still

Awakening the family angel.

Husband shakes his head

As his wife drowsily smiles

Pleasant intrusion of youth.

Kisses her child on forehead

‘motherhood becomes her’

Thinks the beaming husband.

Shooing the child outside

The couple share a smile

Whisper their love tenderly.

Leaning into each other

They kiss lips so sweetly

This evidence of their love.

“Go back to sleep, darling”

He tells his lovely bride

Tucking her in once more.

Husband, lover, father

Looks back in admiration

Upon the woman he loves.

Seeing child off to school

He closes doors quietly

And goes out into the day.

Her dark hair on a pillow

A wife sleeps peacefully

In the comfort of love.
© Paul D. Aronson. 

From The Moon To The Sea

“From Moon To Sea”
We drove from the moon to the sea

To watch the stars dance on the waves

The lullaby of the nighttime sang

From the depths and the ocean caves
It called for us to join the few

The children of the sea

swim with us in the dark and deep

Until loves comes to rescue thee
We waded in the waters two by two

Some were holding hands

And the breeze billowed through our hair

As our feet sank in the sand
The tide came in as warm as tears

And took us all out to be

Bathed by the frothy foam and spray

Washed clean by the sea
When we returned to the shore

I found I was holding your hand

While the darkness that had marred the soul

Lay washed up on the sand
And we thanked the path of the stars

For leading us here like this

To experience the healing of the night

Within the ocean’s kiss
Poem by Paul D Aronson.

Photographer / artist: Unknown 

Drifting Out Of Dream

“Drifting Out Of Dream”

   She comes drifting out of dream, long tresses changing from raven to red, canary to chestnut, like a rainbow reflecting all the beautiful things about her. She doesn’t speak, there’s no need to. She knows me, I know her, and in the fantasy state I am familiar with every inch of her form, beneath the flowing gown she paints herself in.  
   I have held her so many times in the unwaking that her body seems molded just for my embrace, as if we are the perfect fit of heaven, paradise, and all things wondrous. Her lips are mine to taste, no one else just I, and though she has flitted in and out of other’s dreams, it is here in the sweetly maddening dreams of mine that she returns, coming back to the one who first adored her from nothing, who loved her ‘fore he knew her, who waits beyond the doors of his imagination for her to come to him. 
   Her mouth whispers his name, and it’s mine, her kisses lain wantonly upon me, tongues dancing across each other, hungry and desperate as if this is the last dream we’ll have. And in the swirling of cloth that seems to just fade away at my touch, we are both naked and exposed, all our imperfections, all our frailties, explored just as lovingly as if we were the perfect Gods and Goddesses of old. 
   I love everything about her, her delirious scent, reminiscent of jasmine and lavender; her touch that while confident still trembles in anticipation of me touching her; her lightly painted lips, moist and waiting for my mouth to cover her own; her skin, once white now tanned by her pale lover the sun; her dreamy eyes caught somewhere between the seas and storms; her long tresses changing from raven to red, canary to chestnut… 

Paul D Aronson.