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You &  Me & Everything We Could Be

I wish we could find a room with a view

of nothing but you and me

and everything we could be;

I caught a glimpse of someone

kissing you in the rain

and looking closely

I realized it was me inside a dream

I could never make on my own

without your smile in my head.

And I don’t think I have ever felt

quite this naked before;

My clothes, and skin,

my very soul laid out for you,

to touch whenever you want

to hold close to you forevermore

if only in this silly little dream

of you and me

and everything we could be.

And in the heart of someone

who looks remarkably a lot like you

I would feel safe under the protection

of once dormant passions

now springing awake

like dawn against the dew, me against you,

to make love out of sorrow’s moment,

to take the shadows

of tragedy’s great conviction,

and turn it into faith –

A new religion of you and me

and everything we could be.

Poem  & photo/digital art by Paul D Aronson.

Models: Paul & Heather.


​When your walls come tumbling,
I want to be beneath them,
So I may be pleasantly crushed
By your longings;
As your heart opens like a flower,
May the scent of love
Pull me closer to the petals
Of your waking soul;
When your skies at long last open,
Bathe me in your rain
So I may drown beneath
The beautiful flood;
Wash me away from dreams,
And into your heart,
Where I may live forevermore,
In your presence.

By Paul D Aronson. 2002. All Rights Reserved.

Photo by Paul D Aronson. 2010.