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Write a scary scene in 250 words or less.

*Today I thought I would throw this challenge out there. You don’t have to base what you write on the picture, just try to put something suspenseful, tense, and/or scary into words. You can add your entry into the comments, or provide a link to where we can read what you came up with. Feel free to reblog as well, if you like. The idea here is just to have some creepy fun with a limited set of words. Good luck, and I hope you enjoy. Here’s my attempt at it….*

The hair in the sink wasn’t mine. Mine was brown. These thin strands were bright yellow blond. They seemed to be clogging the kitchen drain and I had to wonder if perhaps this had come from somewhere else in the building. I had no idea how the pipes were connected in the place, whether they linked to other sinks or not, so I just shrugged it off, and began to clear the drain. 

I pulled on the strands, which seemed to be exceptionally long, and as they came out of the pipe they seemed to grow thicker and more luxurious. These were not pieces discarded from a haircut, this was a whole head of hair coming up through the sink, as if I were pulling wire through a conduit. I kept bringing the stuff out of the drain, they yellow blond of it now turning a color somewhere between dingy brown and rust red. 
There was a light thud and I couldn’t pull anymore. The hair was hung up somewhere down in the pipes and I leaned my face down to the drain opening to get a closer look. Through the tangled, messy strands I saw something in there. Something white. And an orb of blue. It was an eye. It blinked. I screamed. And the apartment came alive with terror. 

By Paul D Aronson.


Doll (50 word story)

I really love doing prompts and challenges. Sometimes I just want to push myself to try and write something that is more strict and confined in its guidelines. I’m so used to stretching stories out that when 50 word challenges come along it can be quite daunting. Though the following little story wasn’t brought on by a challenge from another blog or source, I gave myself this one word prompt while working in the basement and coming across the doll illustrating this post. It belonged to my mother and I snapped up a quick shot and fed it through my photo editor. Taking a look at it later, the 50 word story began. Hope you enjoy! Feel free to post your own 50 word story  in the comments if the pic inspires you to write. Have a great Saturday and stay away from dolls, lol….
The old porcelain doll looked at me from the dresser. Her cracked amber eyes seemed to harbor evil and malice. Her tiny mouth sneered. My wife slept peacefully beside me, so I ignored the thing and tried to get some rest too. I didn’t even know we had a doll.