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Vampire Boys Of Summer (revamped) Ep. 35

Vampire Boys Of Summer

35: Colin, Mom, & Yakisoba

“Who?” Angela asked, trying to identify the caller. “Colin? Look, I don’t know how you got my number, stalker, but you know I’m not interested.” She looked at me and rolled her eyes. “Why don’t you go for that Chinatsu chick? I hear she likes you.” She hesitated, and for once I wished I could hear the other side of the conversation. “She’s a what???”

I froze. Did Colin know? Had he somehow figured out what Chinatsu was, and was now telling Angela?

“You’re crazy,“ she said. “You’re stupid if you don’t go for her. Have you seen all the boys that follow her around? I don’t care what she is.”

Now I could hear his muffled voice coming through the phone and it sounded agitated. But so was Angela. “Look, I’ll only say this once more. I. Don’t. Like. You. And. I. Never. Will. Click. Goodbye.”

She disconnected the call and slid her cell in her back pocket. She looked at me and shook her head. “I have to give him points for persistence, but damn, not only is he too nerdy for me, but he’s an idiot as well.”

“What did he want?”

“Hell, I don’t know. It sounded like he was trying to warn me about Chi or something.”

“Warn you?”

“Yeah, you aren’t going to believe what he said she is?”

I nervously held my breath and waited for it.

“A creep.”

I released my breath in relief and snickered. “A creep?”

“Yeah, he said she was creepy. Like he has room to talk. Now, if he looked like Ryo he could creep on me anytime.”

“I don’t think Ryo…”

“I know he isn’t. Not yet at least. But he just needs to get to know me. If he knew the real me, he’d be hanging out in my shower, too.”

“Ha-ha, I bet he would, you pervert.”

“Does he live with Haru?” she asked.

“Um..no. He lives across the street.”

“With Mrs. Winston??”

“Yeah.” I had to think quick, before more questions came. “She must be his aunt or something.”

“Hmmm. I wonder if he’d like to go clubbing…”

I was going to say something else to try and deter her, but I thought better of it. As Ryo himself had said, it’s your heartache. And by the time Angela left thirty minutes later, I felt like she had some kind of plan in her head. I loved her to death, but I was starting to feel sorry for the loveless vampire.

Standing in the shower, I let the water wash over me. For a brief moment, I thought of Ryo and his nerve, coming over here and using my shower. I felt like it was just because I had allowed Haru to. A vampire asserting territory or possession. And while Haru was more than welcome to possess me in any way he’d like, there was something about Ryo that was just not right. To deny his hotness would be foolish, for he was very good looking and had a body most girls would kill to have pressed against them. He was sexy and confident, with a swagger and attitude that lent the idea he would be a very good lover. But in all that somewhere, there was a darkness, a bit of sinister lurking beneath the surface, as if he wasn’t just setting you up to be his love object, but perhaps his meal as well.

Now, Haru was the exact opposite. He was laid back and shy. Not so shy that he wouldn’t talk, but he did have a certain bashfulness and quiet demeanor that said a girl would have to stalk him to get him to open up. He was cute as hell, and from what I’d seen so far, he had a nice body. But he didn’t act as if he knew these things. His once long blond hair, now turned dark, often covered one eye, affording him a way to avert his gaze from you. His eyes were a smoldering black, as if waiting for someone to bring some light to them, and oh my god, his lips covered mine perfect. Full and moist, they had nearly melted against mine the night before, as if we were the same mold broken in half and being glued back together. A slow sensation rose within my body as the water ran down my chest, gentle as Haru’s fingers had been in my hair. I shuddered. This was not some desire for a boy I liked, this was an insatiable wanting that craved to know everything about Haru, from his mind, to his heart, to every inch of his body. I shut off the shower and grabbed a towel. I couldn’t believe the thoughts I was having, and if someone had seen me naked at this moment, they would have been able to tell from the chill bumps on my skin that Haru excited me in ways I’d never felt before.

Trying to mask my thoughts, I got dressed as fast as I could, hoping no one had snuck in while I was bathing. I slipped into my favorite pair of faded jeans and found the tightest t-shirt I could find in my closet. Ironically, it had a vampire on the front, wearing very little and waving a pirate flag. The band logo VAMPS was emblazoned above. It made me think how much I missed some of the J-rock concerts my dad had taken me to whenever we vacationed on the west coast. That made me realize I better remind mom about going to see him tomorrow.

I trudged downstairs to the kitchen. I smelled the food cooking before I even got there. This was odd, because mom was no culinary goddess. When I walked into the room, the smell of Asian food was strong.

“What are you fixing, mom?” I asked.

She jumped, startled. “Oh honey, you scared me.” She had her tablet lying on the counter, and I could tell she had been surfing the Pinterest app. “Found this recipe for Yakisoba. Thought I’d give it a try.”

“Cool. Are we expecting guests?”

“No dear. Just you and me. You do like Asian, don’t you?”

“Yeah I do. Don’t you remember? Dad and I used to go to Kabuki restaurant all the time.”

“Oh yes, that’s right.” She tried to smile, but it seemed a little weak, as if her memories weren’t as fond as mine.

“By the way, remember, I wanted to go see Dad tomorrow.”

“Um, yes,“ she replied, with some hesitation. “Dear, do you think we could postpone it?”


“I’m..I’m just not feeling it. I think I’d rather stay home.”

“You don’t want to see dad?”

“I..I miss your father. I just …I’m not ready to go again just yet.”

I remembered the last time we had gone. There had been a certain awkwardness between them, and the conversation had seemed strained. A few minutes into the visit a mild disagreement had come up that seemed to be about my further education after I graduate high school. At the time it didn’t bother me, but now I was wondering if there had been something else being discussed beneath the surface, and if my education was just a secret way to talk about hidden things.

“We can go next weekend,“ Mom said.

“Don’t worry about it, mother. I’ll find another way.”

She stopped cooking. “Don’t you go hitch hiking. It’s dangerous.”

Mom knew my mind well. “I don’t know how else I’ll get there.”

“I said we’ll go next weekend.”

I was disappointed. “No, we won’t. It will be like every other promise you make to me. Broken.” I didn’t give her a chance to explain, or even try to. I stormed up the stairs for the sanctuary of my room, and never once did she try to follow. That was mom for you. Whenever she made me upset, she’d let me rot up here before she ever came to check on me. I slammed my bedroom door, so she’d get the point I was shutting her out in the same way she’d done to me.

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Ghost Boy Blues 19


Stella, the self proclaimed ghost whisperer, doesn’t seem to stay in one spot for long. I notice how she moves about the room, never standing still for more than thirty seconds. To some this may seem like the behavior of someone who is loaded with nervous energy, but I believe it’s for protection. She keeps watching me out of the corner of her eye as I’m going to lunge at her or heave a paperweight off of Deaner’s desk. I guess she’s not very popular with spirits. She doesn’t seem all that popular with her niece, either. It’s not that Anne doesn’t like her. I just think she embarrasses her. The assistant Principal and Guidance Counselor appear uncomfortable too, as they watch her saunter around the office, picking up things, touching this or that, as if she can pick up psychic vibrations or something.

“I thought of being a teacher once,” she says, though it’s not clear who she is really talking to, them or me. “But I wouldn’t be able to tell the live students from the dead ones.”

“Stella!” Anne shouts in irritation.

Her Aunt laughs. “Oh, relax Annie. I’m just playing. You know I love a good reaction.”

The other adults laugh with her, but it’s strained and nervous.

“Can we go now?” Anne protests.

The woman sighs. “Okay, okay. Let’s go see what Jeremy did to your mother this time.” She turns to Deaner. “Do I need to sign her out or something?”

“At the front office. Yes.”

“Well, it’s been a pleasure meeting you,” she says to them, then glances my way. At first, I think she is going to say something rude, but she just gives me a quick, condescending look, before saying to Anne, “Let’s go, chickie.”

Anne slings her backpack over her shoulder and breezes past her aunt. She doesn’t even speak to the other adults. Deaner tries to flash an encouraging smile in her direction and says, “Take whatever time you need. Hope your mother is going to be okay.”

Part of me wonders if the school staff would be half as nice to Anne if she wasn’t an honor student. Probably not. People like me, live ones that is, always get lost in the shuffle. We are too insignificant. No wonder the adult world holds so many distinct social classes. They train us to frown on others when we’re young.

Passing through the walls and emerging out in the main hallway, I see both Anne and her aunt Stella. They haven’t wasted any time and are moving down the corridor at a hurried pace. Stella is speaking to Anne in hushed tones but I am too far away to hear. I pick up the pace to catch up as they round a corner towards the main office. I manage to hear Stella say, “Your mother loves you Anne. It’s just she has always loved the men more.” Then they are in the office.

I don’t follow them in this time. I know they won’t be long. While I wait in the hall, I look over at the trophy case against the wall across from the office. I never have noticed it before. Never put much thought into such things as achievement. Inside the glass case, there are award plaques, trophy statuettes with names engraved on their bases, and other notable displays of the school’s best students. Of course, Anne is in there among them. A plaque for school spelling bee champion, a trophy for gymnastics regional champion, and a photo of her in costume as Galinda in the student production of Wicked. From this, one can determine that Anne Taynor is amazing. She is more than adept at spelling, sports, and singing. I beam with pride, though I don’t know why. She never gave a damn about me in life. She never even knew I existed, and even if she had, she wouldn’t have been interested in an underachiever like me. Girls like her don’t date the class loser. None of those things matter now of course. All I care about is that she’s happy, and when she and her aunt emerge from the office, I am determined to follow them out and make sure Anne is going to be okay.

I follow them down the hall as they head for the front doors. I see the afternoon sunshine coming through the glass. I wonder if when we get outside if I’ll be able to feel the warmth on my face. Or is that another thing that is completely lost on ghosts? I am pondering this when Stella turns around and looks at me. Her glare says she is irritated.

“Stop following us,” she says in a firm voice. “I know there’s something else you could be doing.”

For a moment I do stop, as if she has some kind of power over me. But then I realize, Hey, I’m dead. I don’t have to listen to her. I don’t have to listen to anyone.

Ghost Boy Blues 20

“Ghost Boy Blues” 2018 Paul D Aronson. All Rights Reserved.


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