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While You Can: personal essay on mother’s day

Mom once told me her goal was to walk with Jesus each day. It was a beautiful sentiment, a personal philosophy, and a Christian truth. Today on Mother’s day, I realize there are many of us whose Moms truly walk with Jesus every day now. And while they do that, and we are left with a beautiful vision of what joy awaits us in the afterlife, we still miss them.

Some of us have holes in our very lives that nothing can fill the way mother did. Some of us, feeling complete in our lives with loved ones, spouses and children, still grieve that one missing plate setting where mother used to be. We miss her sitting in her favorite TV chair playfully shouting at game show contestants. We miss her greeting and accepting every stranger as if they were a member of the family. We miss her wisdom and simple compassion, the zest for life she attempted to instill in our childish little hearts.

It is a consolation that our mothers are now free of pain, worry, heartache. They don’t cry over us anymore when we do something stupid, but every day when it rains, I look out the window, where she used to sit and eat her lunch, and I can feel her there. I can almost reach out and get me a really big mother of a hug. Today it’s mother’s day and she’s everywhere, dancing through eternity with both her heavenly father and my natural one. She is at peace, and she’s not alone.

Many mothers now, and even more as we grow older, join her in her most extreme happiness, and while I know I should be happy for that freedom she so longed for, and mow possesses, I am sad and grieving her loss as if it were yesterday instead of a decade.

If your mother is still here, please allow me to suggest this. Do not waste a single moment on selfishness. Do not turn away or make excuses when she wants to spend time with you. Do not make an argument out of every disagreement. Cherish your mother, not just for the life she borne you into, but for the time that she has left to enjoy hers. Love her today as if there is no tomorrow for any of us. Regret is not something you should feel on mother’s day. Celebrate mom now while you can.

God bless all mother’s everywhere.