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Vampire Boys Of Summer (revamped) Ep. 37

37: Road Trip

When I awoke on Saturday morning, I was alone. Haru was not there. I knew he had been when I drifted off to sleep, and I could only assume he watched me for a while as I slept. I guess he had gotten tired and went on home. I stretched and woke up my cellphone. No messages, no calls. Typical life for me. I often wondered what it would be like to be real popular, but in a way I was glad I wasn’t. At least this way there wasn’t someone always demanding my attention. I could take my time getting dressed , go downstairs and fix a light breakfast, all without someone calling to say, “Let’s hang.”

I thought I had heard mom in the kitchen, but when I got down there she was gone. I assumed she was avoiding me, because she didn’t want to feel guilty. The truth was, she should feel guilty, and not over me either. She should feel guilty for dad, for not wanting to visit him when she has the chance. Before I had much time to dwell on it, or even wonder where mom was, Haru arrived. He let himself in the back door, but I didn’t mind. He could make himself at home here in any shape or form, as far I was concerned.

“Hey gorgeous,” he said, wrapping me in his arms for a hug. I smiled. This was nice. Not just the embrace, but being called a cute name. No one ever used a pet name for me before. “Sleep okay?”

“Yeah. How long did you stay?”

“I was here most of the night. I used your shower again, hope you don’t mind.”

“No, not at all.”

The hug ended and he kissed me lightly on the cheek. I could feel his hair graze my face and it reminded me to ask him a question that had been at the front of my mind ever since we’d made out the other night.

“So, what’s the deal with your hair?” I asked.


“Your hair. When we first met it was pale blond, almost white. But the other night when we were kissing in your back yard it changed to my hair color.”

“You noticed that, huh?”

“Yeah. So what’s that about?”

“You don’t like it?”

“Oh, no, I like it. It’s just normally people don’t change their hair color without dye or a trip to the salon.”

He laughed. “Well, I couldn’t wait for all that. I needed to be like you.”

“You changed hair color because of me?”

“I wanted to be like…how do you say it? One and the same?”

I blushed. “You don’t have to be like me, Haru. I like you the way you are. You don’t have to change.”

“I know. But it was time. And speaking of which, isn’t it time for a road trip?”

I smiled. “Yes it is. Thanks for offering to take me, Haru. That means a lot.”

He leaned close. “I’m glad to do it.” He kissed my cheek. “I’ll wait for you outside.”

“No waiting. Let’s go,“ I said and followed him out the door. I didn’t yell for Mom to say goodbye or anything. Let her live with her own guilty ass.

I didn’t know what Haru would be driving, but the Hyundai was a little unexpected. After all, in all the vampire movies, videos, and books I had read, the vamps always had hot cars. Something flashy, sleek, fast, like one of those cars out of The Fast & the Furious. Not a gray tone Hyundai four door with dings and dents in the side. Seeing the slight damage, I began to wonder if it was safe to be going riding with him. But the fact he held the door open for me, and even strapped my seat belt, made all that worry pointless. He had to be the only guy I knew who could make putting your seat belt on feel sensuous. With his gentle hands pulling the belt and strapping it across my chest, his fingers making sure there were no twists in the fabric, even down to the slow click as he slid the buckle into place, I almost felt this was something like being undressed with the eyes. It was uncomfortable, but in a very nice and blushing kind of way.

Sliding into the driver’s seat, he took the same care in fastening himself in and it kind of disappointed me. He started the car and looked over at me. “I hope you know the way,“ he said.

I pulled out my cellphone. “GPS,“ I replied with a grin, and pulled up the bookmarked destination. “Just tell me when you are ready to start.”

He put his hand on my leg. “Ready,“ he said in a low voice. I felt the nerve in my leg jump, as if it were responding to his touch. Leaning over, he kissed a bare spot on my neck. “Set.” I felt the butterflies returning. His lips grazed my ear lobe and I closed my eyes. “Go,“ he whispered.

I pressed the start button on the GPS and heard it direct us to go down the street. I leaned forward in my seat as his mouth found the back of my neck, and it sent chills all over me. His lips did not leave my skin, but I felt the car moving, slowly rolling out the driveway and onto the pavement. The car did a slight lurch as we went down the road, and I wondered how he could drive with his playful mouth sucking at the nape of my neck. I made a low noise in my throat and the GPS said to turn right, so I did, my lips so desperate for Haru that I turned in my seat and nearly forced his mouth on mine. I braced myself for the crash, as I was sure we were going to hit something, but we never did. We rolled down the road, and then realizing he hadn’t followed the GPS’ directions, he pulled his face away and checked out the street before making the next right to get back on track. We both settled in our seats, feeling a little lighter, and smiling somewhat bigger than when we’d first got in the car.

“How far away is it?” he asked.

“Um, we should be there in about an hour. Maybe ninety minutes.”

“Cool. You want some tunes?”

“Yeah, that would be awesome. What you got?”

“CD’s are in the visor. Pick something out.”

I pulled the visor down and saw there were about a dozen CD’s in a binder strapped to it. I didn’t spend too much time looking through them, because Angela once told me guys want you to be more interested in them than their music collection. So I just grabbed one and slid it out of the binder. Before I put it in the deck, I glanced to see what it was. Across the surface of it were emblazoned the words “Keeper of the Flame.”Just under it, in bolder letters, was what I assumed was the name of the band, “The Hiatus.” I had never heard of them to be honest, but I slid it in the deck anyway. I really wanted to know all I could about Haru. Not just the romantic side of him, but all his likes and dislikes, his preferences in music, food, movies, books, everything. I never thought I’d meet someone I wanted to just drown myself in; to know all there was to know about them until they felt like my second skin. But here I was, with Haru driving down the road, listening to The Hiatus and trying to figure out where to catalogue this memory.

The CD itself sounded pretty good, and I cranked it up. It reminded me of early emo, but with a J-rock edge. “That one is called Thirst, “ Haru explained. “But my absolute favorite is the next track.”

I didn’t hesitate, but pressed the skip button on the deck so his song would come on. He started nodding his head, and rocking back and forth to the music. “This one is called Something Ever After,” he said.

I smiled. Just the title alone revealed Haru’s hopes and dreams to me. He was sensual, charismatic, an insatiable romantic who wanted a love just as forever as his vampirism. Or at least that’s what I hoped.

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Vampire Boys Of Summer (revamped) Ep. 35

Vampire Boys Of Summer

35: Colin, Mom, & Yakisoba

“Who?” Angela asked, trying to identify the caller. “Colin? Look, I don’t know how you got my number, stalker, but you know I’m not interested.” She looked at me and rolled her eyes. “Why don’t you go for that Chinatsu chick? I hear she likes you.” She hesitated, and for once I wished I could hear the other side of the conversation. “She’s a what???”

I froze. Did Colin know? Had he somehow figured out what Chinatsu was, and was now telling Angela?

“You’re crazy,“ she said. “You’re stupid if you don’t go for her. Have you seen all the boys that follow her around? I don’t care what she is.”

Now I could hear his muffled voice coming through the phone and it sounded agitated. But so was Angela. “Look, I’ll only say this once more. I. Don’t. Like. You. And. I. Never. Will. Click. Goodbye.”

She disconnected the call and slid her cell in her back pocket. She looked at me and shook her head. “I have to give him points for persistence, but damn, not only is he too nerdy for me, but he’s an idiot as well.”

“What did he want?”

“Hell, I don’t know. It sounded like he was trying to warn me about Chi or something.”

“Warn you?”

“Yeah, you aren’t going to believe what he said she is?”

I nervously held my breath and waited for it.

“A creep.”

I released my breath in relief and snickered. “A creep?”

“Yeah, he said she was creepy. Like he has room to talk. Now, if he looked like Ryo he could creep on me anytime.”

“I don’t think Ryo…”

“I know he isn’t. Not yet at least. But he just needs to get to know me. If he knew the real me, he’d be hanging out in my shower, too.”

“Ha-ha, I bet he would, you pervert.”

“Does he live with Haru?” she asked.

“Um..no. He lives across the street.”

“With Mrs. Winston??”

“Yeah.” I had to think quick, before more questions came. “She must be his aunt or something.”

“Hmmm. I wonder if he’d like to go clubbing…”

I was going to say something else to try and deter her, but I thought better of it. As Ryo himself had said, it’s your heartache. And by the time Angela left thirty minutes later, I felt like she had some kind of plan in her head. I loved her to death, but I was starting to feel sorry for the loveless vampire.

Standing in the shower, I let the water wash over me. For a brief moment, I thought of Ryo and his nerve, coming over here and using my shower. I felt like it was just because I had allowed Haru to. A vampire asserting territory or possession. And while Haru was more than welcome to possess me in any way he’d like, there was something about Ryo that was just not right. To deny his hotness would be foolish, for he was very good looking and had a body most girls would kill to have pressed against them. He was sexy and confident, with a swagger and attitude that lent the idea he would be a very good lover. But in all that somewhere, there was a darkness, a bit of sinister lurking beneath the surface, as if he wasn’t just setting you up to be his love object, but perhaps his meal as well.

Now, Haru was the exact opposite. He was laid back and shy. Not so shy that he wouldn’t talk, but he did have a certain bashfulness and quiet demeanor that said a girl would have to stalk him to get him to open up. He was cute as hell, and from what I’d seen so far, he had a nice body. But he didn’t act as if he knew these things. His once long blond hair, now turned dark, often covered one eye, affording him a way to avert his gaze from you. His eyes were a smoldering black, as if waiting for someone to bring some light to them, and oh my god, his lips covered mine perfect. Full and moist, they had nearly melted against mine the night before, as if we were the same mold broken in half and being glued back together. A slow sensation rose within my body as the water ran down my chest, gentle as Haru’s fingers had been in my hair. I shuddered. This was not some desire for a boy I liked, this was an insatiable wanting that craved to know everything about Haru, from his mind, to his heart, to every inch of his body. I shut off the shower and grabbed a towel. I couldn’t believe the thoughts I was having, and if someone had seen me naked at this moment, they would have been able to tell from the chill bumps on my skin that Haru excited me in ways I’d never felt before.

Trying to mask my thoughts, I got dressed as fast as I could, hoping no one had snuck in while I was bathing. I slipped into my favorite pair of faded jeans and found the tightest t-shirt I could find in my closet. Ironically, it had a vampire on the front, wearing very little and waving a pirate flag. The band logo VAMPS was emblazoned above. It made me think how much I missed some of the J-rock concerts my dad had taken me to whenever we vacationed on the west coast. That made me realize I better remind mom about going to see him tomorrow.

I trudged downstairs to the kitchen. I smelled the food cooking before I even got there. This was odd, because mom was no culinary goddess. When I walked into the room, the smell of Asian food was strong.

“What are you fixing, mom?” I asked.

She jumped, startled. “Oh honey, you scared me.” She had her tablet lying on the counter, and I could tell she had been surfing the Pinterest app. “Found this recipe for Yakisoba. Thought I’d give it a try.”

“Cool. Are we expecting guests?”

“No dear. Just you and me. You do like Asian, don’t you?”

“Yeah I do. Don’t you remember? Dad and I used to go to Kabuki restaurant all the time.”

“Oh yes, that’s right.” She tried to smile, but it seemed a little weak, as if her memories weren’t as fond as mine.

“By the way, remember, I wanted to go see Dad tomorrow.”

“Um, yes,“ she replied, with some hesitation. “Dear, do you think we could postpone it?”


“I’m..I’m just not feeling it. I think I’d rather stay home.”

“You don’t want to see dad?”

“I..I miss your father. I just …I’m not ready to go again just yet.”

I remembered the last time we had gone. There had been a certain awkwardness between them, and the conversation had seemed strained. A few minutes into the visit a mild disagreement had come up that seemed to be about my further education after I graduate high school. At the time it didn’t bother me, but now I was wondering if there had been something else being discussed beneath the surface, and if my education was just a secret way to talk about hidden things.

“We can go next weekend,“ Mom said.

“Don’t worry about it, mother. I’ll find another way.”

She stopped cooking. “Don’t you go hitch hiking. It’s dangerous.”

Mom knew my mind well. “I don’t know how else I’ll get there.”

“I said we’ll go next weekend.”

I was disappointed. “No, we won’t. It will be like every other promise you make to me. Broken.” I didn’t give her a chance to explain, or even try to. I stormed up the stairs for the sanctuary of my room, and never once did she try to follow. That was mom for you. Whenever she made me upset, she’d let me rot up here before she ever came to check on me. I slammed my bedroom door, so she’d get the point I was shutting her out in the same way she’d done to me.

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Vampire Boys Of Summer (revamped) Ep. 8

Vampire Boys Of Summer (Re-vamped) Main Page

8: Cutter

Up in my room I cried. I couldn’t help it. Everything about the day came crashing over me. First, the Trumps and all their crap, the cellphone picture and the intruder who had taken it, the invasive feeling in the shower, My drunken mom oblivious to my needs as a daughter, dad locked up in an institution, and now this guy making fun of me, having a big laugh at my expense. It didn’t matter anymore if he was a vamp and needed killing. I was completely humiliated and made a fool.

I pulled open my desk drawer. It was reserved for my school work, but there was something hidden in that drawer that I desperately needed. I shuffled pencils and paperclips around, moved some papers, and then located it. It was a man’s open razor blade, the old kind they used to put in shaving razors and box cutters. It had a slight stain on its edge from use. I tossed it on the bed and sat down. The tears were much heavier now, and all I could feel was absolute anguish. I hated me.

I took my pants off and sat back in bed. My tank top was so long it covered my underwear and I fumbled with the bottom edge of it. The X-Japan logo instantly made me think of my favorite song by them, Tears. There was a line in there that said, “Dry your tears with love.” That was Bullshit, I thought. Tears can’t be dried. They are always there, and so I raked the razor blade across my leg just above the knee. I knew it would leave a little scar to go along with the previous ones, but I didn’t care. All I was was exemplified in the physical truth. I was nothing more than tears and scars.

Later, I lay in bed on top of the covers, the stinging from the six gashes on my upper leg keeping me awake. The blood had congealed and was caked on the wounds, a reminder of my pain and turmoil. I often pretended that everything was okay with me. Angela was oblivious to it all. It’s not that she didn’t care. It was just something I couldn’t share with her, or any of my other friends and classmates. This was the only thing I had that was all mine. Everything else had been torn from me by other people or life events and been put on public display. But a girl isn’t happy unless she has that one secret that nobody knows.

I guess I started cutting after dad got sent away. The public humiliation and teasing became a lot to bear. Mom disappeared into the bottle, I into the feel of a sharp razor across my skin. And I’m not one of those who did it just to feel something. Sometimes maybe that was true, but for me, I did it to cover up my real pain, my loneliness. It’s hard to be crying over someone hurting you or something depressing when your pain is real and excruciating. So, my physical attack on myself was to mask the real hurt. It’s the only way I could get beyond it.

I finally fell asleep around two AM and it wasn’t long before I was hardcore dreaming. I have really vivid dreams. I am one of those who can wake up and have instant recall of the dreamscape. A lot of people wake confused and disoriented, trying to grasp the images that fade at a rapid rate. But I’m not like that. I’m pretty clear headed when I awaken, even though it does take a while to rouse me from my deep sleep.

My dream that night was of the puzzle man. I was out there in the backyard again and he was handing me puzzle pieces to put in place. The puzzle was different and it kept changing every time I looked down at it. Once, it depicted a mound of decapitated heads stacked beside the flagpole of a school. Another time it was a young couple making love, a stake penetrating both of their bodies, impaling them to the ground. The next glance revealed a river of blood. Upon its banks, bloody swords were in the hands of massacred teenagers. Each time the image changed, the missing piece was a female face, which always turned out to be the piece in my hand. The bizarre vampire man, who again spoke in guttural noises, got up and scattered the pieces, overturning the card table with fury. A piercing sound erupted from his throat and it started to sound like a word: Imouto. He clenched his fists and shouted this several times over. Blood started to run down his hand where his fingers dug into the flesh. He offered it to me. I jolted awake.

Wide awake now and staring at the ceiling, I didn’t know what to make of the nightmare. None of it made sense. But it freaked me out just the same. It would be awhile before sleep came again, so I got up from bed, threw a robe over my t-shirt and underwear, and went to my window. I gently parted the curtains to look out, expecting to see vampire boy staring up at the heavens. But he wasn’t anywhere to be seen. The party was still going full force but I couldn’t hear anything from my house.

I couldn’t believe they were still going at it at this hour. It was a school night, damn it. And where did all these party goers come from anyway? If they had just moved to Chelsea Valley, how the hell did they know so many people? I couldn’t believe everyone came with them from their old house. While I was pondering this, the side door opened and the boy emerged. He had lost the uniform and was now in sweat pants and a tank top. The dim light from the stars illuminated his skin and for a moment I thought I caught a glimpse of a tattoo. The very edge of it seemed to peek out of his tank top, but I couldn’t tell if this was certain or just a trick of the light. I really didn’t care anymore. If he was the creeper who’d been in my room earlier it just allowed me to hate him more. It would be a long time, maybe forever, before I’d try to talk to him again. What he’d done was mean spirited and not funny at all. He had played with me in my awkwardness and uncertainty, and made me out to be a complete and embarrassed fool. He was no better than the Trumps, and once I had some rest, I was going to expose him to the sun and watch him burn with the same glee he had exhibited when he made fun of me tonight.

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“Vampire Boys Of Summer” 2018 Paul D. Aronson. All Rights Reserved.

Vampire Boys Of Summer (revamped) Ep. 7

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7: Konnichiwa

It was dark out but the house was lit up like Christmas. It seemed every light was on and I could see movement behind the curtains. Lots and lots of movement. In fact, it looked like my new neighbors were throwing a party. The weird thing was just a few moments ago when I looked out, there didn’t seem to be any activity at all. Now I stood there on my front porch unsure of what to do. I couldn’t very well waltz into the middle of a throw down and stake someone through their heart.

The night was oppressive and quiet. Even in my yard it was like a cemetery, still and silent. I stepped off my porch and walked across the yard. My eyes still on the house, I could see all kinds of partying going on inside and yet there was no sound, not one single muffled noise. Then a door opened on the side of the house facing me. Loud rock music interrupted the quiet with a cacophony of melodic noise. B’z. Las Vegas. I knew the song, though a large part of it wasn’t even in English. I spent many long hours streaming music from Japanese radio stations and youtube on my laptop, never thinking I’d have neighbors who would enjoy the same thing. And in such a loud manner, too.

With the door still open, I could hear partygoers shouting out the lyrics, “Won’t you come with me? Ah-ha-ha!” Then the door shut again. A figure was now wrapped in the night on the side patio. I stood still and watched them, wondering if they had seen me. The figure let out a sigh and tilted his head to the heavens. It was a clear night. The moon and stars seemed to illuminate his face. It was the boy I had seen the night before. I was a little closer now so it was easy to confirm I had been right in the fact he was Asian. He wore what looked like a schoolboy’s uniform, the kind they sport in the harem animes I watch. Nice slacks, white shirt, blue blazer. He could have just stepped out of “Uta No Prince Sama.” I waited to see if he would suddenly break out into a song. He didn’t. He was too enraptured with the night sky as if he were cataloguing the stars in his head.

He put a hand up to his head and ran his fingers through his shoulder length blond hair. It looked out of place as most Asians I’d seen had black hair and dark eyes. His hair didn’t looked like it had been dyed either. No, it looked like the color had been sucked out of his locks, leaving him with a pale blond that if two shades lighter would have been white. Even his skin looked paler, but not sickly. His face was smooth as if he hadn’t even started shaving yet. When he turned his head in my direction and spotted me, I saw his eyes were the color of dark almonds.

There was nothing I could do after being seen. Sure, I could have charged him with my vampire stake in hand. Or run screaming for help. But I did neither of these. Instead, I took a bold step over the threshold of his yard and approached him. Just like earlier that day, it was like walking into a vacuum. I could feel the crunch of the grass and twigs beneath my feet but heard no sound. I wondered if he spoke if it would be a silent whisper for me to try and decipher. I came to a stop at the edge of the patio. In three steps I could be up there with him, but something told me to stop where I was and remember why I had been coming over here to begin with.

“Hi,“ I said.

He looked at me with a blank gaze, so I tried again.

“Um, Hello?”

Again, nothing registered on his face. His stare was so empty I thought he could be a corpse. Of course, Vampires are generally that anyway.


He smiled. “Konnichiwa.”

This he understood. I only knew it from watching anime. On there it pretty much meant hello or greetings.

I pointed to my house. “I’m your neighbor. Nora.”

He looked over there and nodded. “Ah, Nola.”

“Nora,“ I corrected.

Again a nod. “Nola.”

This was going nowhere. I tried something different and a little closer. I pointed behind him to his house, where the party was going full tilt. “Having a party?”

He looked at me even more confused, then smiled, nodding his head vigorously. “Nola.”

I sighed. This was just great. It appeared he neither understood nor spoke English. No matter if you looked at him as a hot guy or vampire, in both areas you were screwed. Trying to figure out if he had the tattoo was going to be near impossible, unless I just reached out and ripped his shirt open. Despite my anger over invasion of privacy it seemed like a nice idea. After all, he was very cute, and his white school boy shirt had two buttons already unfastened at the top. I could see his collar bone and the very beginnings of his chest, but not enough to tell if he was tattooed there.

He must have noticed my gaze because he looked at me with a little smile. He touched his head and said something like “Koko omotemuki.”

Now I was the one not understanding. “Huh?” I looked around to see if there was anyone nearby to help translate, but the party was inside not out here. “English?” I asked in desperation.

“Ah, English,“ he nodded, and then shook his head back and forth. I took this to mean no.

It was ridiculous, but just my luck. Meet hot guy, can’t talk to him. It figures. So, in the most desperate way of thinking I pulled out all the stops. Pointing at him, I asked, “Vampire?”

He scrunched up his nose and squinted his eyes almost to the point of closing. He shrugged and shook his head back and forth again. Clearly he didn’t understand.

“Filthy perverted bloodsucker?”

The confusion on his face was laughable.

“Oh to hell with this,” I said, and spun on my heel to walk off in exasperation. I had made it halfway to my yard when he called out to me.

“Understand English fine.”

I quickly turned back to him, my face flushing about fifty shades of red.

“I was just having some fun with you,“ he smiled.

I noticed his lips were moist and his teeth perfect white. I wanted to punch him in the face. Instead, I gave him my fiercest look. “Screw you. You understand that?” and stalked off so mad I could have pulled the stake out the back of my pants and stabbed him from there.

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Vampire Boys Of Summer” 2018 Paul D Aronson. All Rights Reserved.

Vampire Boys Of Summer (revamped) Ep. 1

A/N: Well, it’s a new year, so let’s go with another attempt at completing Vampire Boys Of Summer. 😉 We’ll just start from the beginning again. This version is re-vamped, which is to say it’s a new edit, with stuff added and the story restructured to be like a true serial. More chapters this time around, but they are shorter so they don’t take long to read. Look for regular episodes every week. Hope you enjoy! Okay Nora, tell us your story….

Episode 1: Nora & Miyavi

A vampire moved in next door to us this past summer. I knew he was a vamp right away because he was so unbelievably freaking hot. So hot it was almost unnatural. Kind of like those anime boys I watch online. You know the kind – so pretty most girls would throw themselves in traffic just to meet them. Perfect hair, perfect eyes, perfect teeth, and beautifully bare chested through half the episode. Of course, I should mention that these boys usually hook up with perfect anime girls with cutesy faces, girly voices, and breasts so large you could carry your lunch tray on them. I was none of these, so I took one look at the vampire boy who was standing on his front porch looking up at the lonely night and said, “yeah, whatever.” Then I returned to the manga book I had been reading before I noticed him. Ironically, it just happened to be about vampires…

It was hard to concentrate on the book. Once you have seen a vampire they kind of stick in your head, even if you didn’t get a good look at them. With my face buried in the manga’s cute illustrations, I tried not to think of that shadowy figure out there on his porch, but I kept looking at my window, wondering if I was going to see him hovering outside the glass, saying “come on, invite me in.” I had never had a boy in my bedroom before and I certainly wasn’t going to start with some guy with sharp teeth and a lust for blood.

I had returned to reading the manga when I heard the scratching on the glass. Glancing towards the sound, I swore I saw something rake across the window. It seemed a fog had descended on our valley and it was all swirling outside my house. I got up from my bed and approached the thick mist that was gathering outside. I peered through the glass, squinting my eyes and trying to see. Something scraped the window again. To my surprise, or perhaps disappointment, it was nothing but my cat Miyavi trying to get in after a night on the prowl.

I sighed, “Oh, it’s you,” and opened the window to let the black tabby in. He came in easy enough, but looking past my temperamental pet I saw the vampire boy again. It looked like he hadn’t even moved. He was still staring up into the expanse of the night sky, and against this backdrop I noticed a few things about him.

First, he was thin and pale, unlike the boys at my school who all seemed to think they were the coolest thing since Nutella. Half of the guys seemed interested in showing off their muscles to each other instead of to the girls who made fools of themselves chasing after them. But this boy was no football star in the making; physique wise, he appeared to have more in common with the library nerds or science geeks.

Second thing I noticed was that his hair was blond and uncombed. Again, this set him apart from over half the people I knew. Everyone at Chelsea Valley High seemed obsessed with the whole goth look, meaning they all wore leather, wore purple eye shadow, and dyed their hair black. Last year, the whole wrestling team darkened their hair because they thought it made them look meaner. They still lost. Hair may not make the man, but this vampire boy must not have known this because it sure made him more arresting to the eye.

The final thing I noticed about him was that he wasn’t from around here. He looked Asian, probably Japanese. And since there was no Japanese community in Chelsea Valley, this made him the only one for miles and miles. Normally, around about this time, my mind would have been screaming, “Girl, you have a hot blond Asian guy living next door! Get busy!” That didn’t happen this time because no matter how you cut it I knew he was a vampire and I was going to have to kill him. Miyavi meowed his approval. I reached down to scratch his head. When I raised back up to look out the window again, the fog had lifted and the vampire boy was nowhere to be seen.

I hung some garlic over the window and went to bed. No sense in taking chances. As my father used to tell me before they locked him up, “You can’t trust a boy with shiny teeth and blood on his mouth.” Not that my new neighbor exhibited any of these, but still he was a vampire, and come tomorrow I would prove it.

“Vampire Boys Of Summer” 2018 Paul D. Aronson.

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Vampire Boys Of Summer: Chapter 14

Chapter 14: Friday & Everything’s New

The morning sun filtering through my window awoke me. I’ve always been slow to wake with my head kind of swimmy for a few moments, but this morning was different. It was as if everything was new to me, even waking up. I lifted my head off the pillow and stretched. I was in my bed, still dressed in my oversized Hyde t-shirt and jeans. I tried to remember how I had gotten here, but it was all fuzzy. I must have walked home and just plopped down in my bed from exhaustion. I got up and stepped to the window to look out at Haru’s house next door. There was no sign of him, or of anyone, over there.

“Good morning,“ a voice said from behind me, and I noticed something I hadn’t before. Haru was sitting backwards in the chair at my desk, arms draped across the back and his head resting on them.

I didn’t yell or anything, but it did startle me. By reflex I covered myself, though I knew I was already fully clothed. “You scared me, Haru,“ I explained.

He smiled. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to. I was just watching you as you slept.”

“Watching me, why?”

“Because I’m yours now.” He tilted his head in a curious gesture. “Aren’t I?”

I had never imagined anyone as gorgeous as him would want to be mine, to be bonded to me in such a romantic fashion. It was a bit strange, this feeling of having him as mine. I couldn’t get my head around it.

“Do you want to be?” I found myself asking.

He got up from the chair so slow I thought time had come to a crawl, just so I could savor the moment of seeing him walking across the room to me. The top of his shirt was unbuttoned and I found my eyes admiring where his collar ended and his chest began.

“Everything I want to be,“ he said, “is right here.” His hand rose to my face and he extended his finger to touch my eyelid. There was this heated sensation that washed over me, just by having his fingertip touch my lashes. I blinked, and in the briefest of moments when my eyes were closed, his lips touched my eyelids in a tender kiss.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door. “Nora, are you up?”

Haru took a step back with an embarrassed smirk across his face. Then he opened his mouth and answered her. “Yes Mom, I’m up.” The voice that came out of his mouth was not his; it was a mimic of mine, even down to the agitated tone I usually took with my mother. At first it freaked me out, hearing my voice come out of his lovely mouth, and I put my hand up to my face to keep from giggling.

Mom couldn’t tell the difference. She thought it was me. “Okay, well I have to head out. Can you get to school okay?”

Haru opened his mouth to answer and I covered it with my own hands. “Okay mom, that’s fine,” I said. “Have a nice day.”

After I heard her descend the stairs and the front door close, I took my hands off his mouth. “Are you trying to get me in trouble? Mom would have a cow if she found a boy in my room. Were you here all night?”

He smiled. “For most of it. I had to go do something, but I came back to check on you. I just thought I’d like to watch over you. “

I blushed. It was so sweet to have a boy want to do that. And I said as much.

“It’s nice,“ he said, “to be so enamored, so captivated, that just to be away from you a little while is torture. I watched you sleeping, and when the sun came up and crossed your face I counted all your freckles in the light.”

I knew I had freckles, but they weren’t very prominent. Or at least I didn’t think so. There were some light ones across the bridge of my nose, maybe a few on my forehead.

“Fifty-two,“ he said. “You have fifty-two freckles on your face. They make you unique and beautiful. There is no one that the sun has painted more wonderful than you. I can only imagine how they must be on your shoulders.”

I turned a couple shades of red. Not because there were in fact freckles on my shoulders, but that he had thought about seeing them.

He grinned. “I’m sorry. I’m embarrassing you. I’ll try to keep such romantic thoughts to myself.”

“No, it’s okay. Please don’t.”

“Do you have romantic thoughts?” he asked.

“Right now I do,“ I confessed.

He took a few steps closer to me. “Do you really have to go to school today?”

“I..I should.”

He pursed his lips and nodded his head. “Yes, I guess you should. But tonight…would you accompany me somewhere?”

“Yes. Where?”

“It’s a surprise. Do you like surprises?”

“I do, if they involve you. Last night was a surprise.”

He smiled. “The most pleasant one ever.”

I turned from him so he wouldn’t see the fifty shades of pink that crossed my face. “I..I guess ..I should get ready for school.”

“That’s fine. I’ll see you tonight then.” He walked over to the door. “I’ll let myself out.” He stepped out into the hallway and then thought of something. “I know it’s an odd thing to ask, but would it be okay that while you’re at school I use your shower? Something is wrong with ours and I don’t know if the plumber will get out here today.”

“Um, yes I suppose so. I’ll leave the door unlocked.”

“Cool. Thanks, Nora.” He stepped back into the room and kissed my forehead before heading out once more.

There are three things I thought of while riding the bus to school. One was that even a kiss on the forehead from Haru was maddening enough to be sensual. Perhaps that’s why he made it quick, so as to not get so caught up in emotion that I never make it to school.

Second was, I never had liked my name much, but the way he spoke it made it sound so beautiful. There was something about the lilting tone of his voice, soft and gentle, but with resolve and authority, like I imagined angels might have once spoken to men.

And last, I couldn’t get the fantasy out of my mind of Haru in my shower, the water cascading down his bare, hairless chest, as he lathered his long blond hair with my shampoo.

These thoughts, the last one in particular, played over and over until I got off the bus and was greeted by Angela, whom I knew could see the change in me. In fact, I think she said it best with her first words. “Omg girl, you’re glowing.”

I felt like I was glowing, as if the butterflies of last night had turned into fireflies and lit me up from within. I didn’t even feel like I was the same person as the one I was a day before. Haru’s attention and delicate kisses had taken root in my soul. His smile, his touch, the way he had felt lying on top of me in the grass. We had been fully clothed, but for me it was an intimacy that made me feel naked and bare, as if he were a gentle sculptor and I was the untouched clay he was molding into something beautiful. But I couldn’t say these things to my friend. “Oh, really?” was all I could muster.

As we headed to first class, I noticed things anew. No longer did I walk with my head down or blinders on my eyes. Now I felt confident, and in silence I dared anyone to mention the Facebook rumors about my sexuality. “Oh yeah?,“ I would reply. “Well hey, I made out with a boy last night, so shut your face.” No one said anything, but that’s what I would have come back with if they did.

We went to my locker first. I half expected either another vicious note or perhaps Luhan waiting, but neither of those were there. I grabbed my first period textbook and got ready to close the door when Angela said, “Hey, here comes that girl.”

At first I thought she meant one of the Trumps, but I quickly realized she meant Chinatsu. The statuesque vampire was dressed to the nines. Short skirt. Tight designer top. Fishnet stockings. Leather boots. And in her wake trailed at least ten boys vying for her attention. She came up to me and gave me a hug, pulling my ear close to hers. “Now this is the curse of the vampire,” she whispered so low only I could hear. I wasn’t sure what she meant, until she turned around and nodded at her fan boys. I laughed. After all, most girls just wanted one or two boys to take notice, and here she had almost a dozen of them falling over themselves just to get her to make eye contact with them. She looked at one, and held his gaze for a few moments. When she turned back to me, he passed out and would have hit the tiled floor if his friends hadn’t caught him in time.

“Um, how was your date?” I asked, trying not to gawk at the whole scene.

“Oh girl, it was a bust. I went back and he was gone. Most nerd boys will wait forever, but I guess I found his limit.”

She was right. I could see Colin as the long suffering wait forever type, and with her looking as beautiful as she was I couldn’t imagine him standing her up.

“Have you seen him since?” I asked.

“No, I guess I scared him off.”

This was odd. Colin never missed school. He’d had perfect attendance since the sixth grade, maybe even sooner. “Maybe we should check on him, “ I said to Angela.

She rolled her eyes. “No way. Don’t you remember how much he has been crammed up my butt? Chi, you can have him.”

The Japanese girl smiled. “Oh, I’d take him. You American girls don’t know what you’re missing, chasing after jocks and skaters. Well, except you Nora.” She winked at me as if to say she knew about last night, and then turned on her heels to face her admirers again. “Oh my,“ she said in mock innocence, looking down at the boy who had passed out. “Does someone need CPR?”

I thought every boy in the hall would fall down.
I had to give it to Angela. She made it all the way through first period without asking the question that was burning a hole in her mind. In second period however, it became too much to bear.

“Okay, give. What happened last night?”

“What do you mean?” I teased.

 “Come on Nora, you’re walking on cloud two thousand and fifteen today. Something happened, didn’t it?”

I couldn’t hold back the smile. “Yes.”


I took a deep breath before telling her. “Haru kissed me.”

“Oh my God! Really?” She seemed to bite back the urge to squeal. “How long?”

“How long what?”

“How long did you kiss? Was it a little one? Big one? Tongues? What?”

“Um…well it was a pretty long kiss.” I hesitated a moment for effect. “With tongues.”

“Oh my god… I’m getting the image in my head right now, “ she said.

“In the dark,“ I added.

She looked at me and grinned.

“On the grass.”

“What? No way. You mean, like him on top of you?”

I nodded my head.

“Slut. Did he try stuff with you?”

“What? No. He was sweet. We just lay there making out. He didn’t try any funny stuff.”

“Well, he will. He may be hot looking, but he’s still a guy. You better prepare yourself.”

I shook my head. “Your head is always in the gutter.”

“Well, you better get yours there too, and drag your body in there with it.”

“He’s not like that, Ang.”

“Okay, whatever. So what happened after making out on the grass?”

“Well, he just walked me home and spent the night.”

I thought she was going to choke. “Spent the night?!”

“Yeah,“ I said with a shy, teasing grin. I was starting to enjoy this in the same way the madman gloats over his plan to take over the world.

“In your bed???”

“Well, no. He sat in the chair and watched over me as I slept.”

“Aww man, you lucky bitch. I’m dying here. Please tell me you found out he has a brother.”

“Nope. Just him.”

She shook her head. “I hate you,“ she whispered with a joking grin on her face.

I looked at my watch and felt a little devilish. I sighed with a heavy breath.

“What?” she asked, as I knew she would.

“Well,” I said, glancing at my watch again, “right about now he’s probably taking a shower in my bathroom.”

Her eyes grew wide as saucers. “No freaking way! Tell me you have a webcam.”

“Angela!” I scolded. “Do you have to be a pervert all the time?”

“Um…here let me think….yes. Yes I do.”

We both laughed so loud the teacher had enough and sent us to the office. We would have got detention for disrupting class, but seeing there was only a week of school left, the principal let us slide. Instead she sent us to study hall for the remainder of the period, where Angela continued to ask me every question she could think of. When I told her how he had lifted me and carried me down the porch steps, I thought she was going to fall out in the floor like Chinatsu’s admirer.

The rest of the school day dragged by. Because I was dying to see Haru again, anticipating nighttime and whatever he wanted to show me, time almost slowed to a crawl. I should have known that by the end of the day Angela would have a plan of some sort, but when it came I still wasn’t prepared.

It was outside fifth period when she asked me, “Do you still have that Babymetal t-shirt I let you borrow?”

“Um, yeah. It’s in my closet.”

“I need it,” she said.

“Okay, I’ll bring it to your house tomorrow.”

“No, I need it tonight. I’m going to the club. Friday night and all. And then Saturday is…”

“Yeah, I know. I’m going to miss the show, don’t tell me.”

“So, can I get my shirt after school?”

I was reluctant but agreed. After all, I knew the reason she wanted to come over. A chance to glimpse Haru in my shower, or at least from my bedroom window. She wasn’t fooling nobody. I told myself, and her as well, chances are Haru and his shower time at the Williams House would be long over by the time we got there. I was hoping he would be long gone and sleeping in a coffin somewhere, waiting for the night like a real vampire.

I very nearly made it through a school day without trouble, but as Angela said, it was Friday. We were heading out to catch her bus, when she grabbed my arm. “Uh oh, Trump alert,“ she said.

Coming around the side of the building were the two remaining Trumps. Amanda must have still been nursing her broken nose. They came up to us so close we could smell their hooker perfume.

“Your Kung Fu girlfriend isn’t always going to be around to save you,“ Kari said.

“Even if it takes all summer,“ Chrissie added. “You are dead meat.”

“Being dead meat is better than being dead weight,“ I snapped back. Angela’s jaw dropped. She couldn’t believe I said that. Neither could I. I must have gotten instant nerve during all that kissing the night before.

“What did you say?” Kari asked, astounded.

“It must be hard for you to walk today,“ I replied. “Seeing its Amanda who usually carries both of you.”

Again, a shocker from my lips. The boldness was starting to frighten me a little, then I saw both of them clenching their fists. If they launched at me together, I was dead meat for sure. But, they didn’t attack. I guess they thought it more prudent to bide their time and wait for their fearless leader.

“You’re talking big now,“ Kari said. “We’ll see how big you are this summer. We’ll catch up to you, maybe at a party, maybe at the pool…”

“Now that’s what I can’t wait for,“ someone said from behind us. “To see you sexy ladies at the pool.”

We all looked. Luhan was standing there, running his fingers through his hair as if primping for a beauty contest. He looked at me and grinned. “Oh, and you too, Nora,“ he added. He glanced at Angela and raised an eyebrow. “You could take them all,“ he whispered with a flirty wink.

Even though I welcomed the intrusion, I didn’t want the Trumps to think I always needed someone to save me. “It’s okay, Luhan. I don’t need your help.”

He put his hand to his chest as if he were hurt or wounded. “I wasn’t coming to help,“ he said. “I was just going to watch and see how you do with those new moves Chinatsu taught you. Have at it.” He reached in his back pocket and brought out a tiny dustpan and brush. “I’ll sweep up the pieces.”

Chrissie and Kari looked at each other, not sure how to take all this. I wondered if I should go into a martial arts stance to further freak them out, but I didn’t. In a way I felt sorry for them, but not too much. They glared at me, and I knew that once Amanda was back, it was going to be on. For now though, they were backing down, saving their retaliation for another day.

“Humph,” Kari snorted, and turned on her heel and walked away. Chrissie spared me a little longer look, and then she grinned. Deep down, I think she knew it was all a ruse. I didn’t know any new fighting moves. She smirked and followed her friend. I knew I was going to regret all this, and have to duck and hide all summer vacation, unless I put some action behind my new bold mouth.

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