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Vampire Boys Playlist (so far)

While I’m taking a very short break from the story, I thought I would share with readers my playlist of music that I was listening to while writing this tale. I am an avid music fan, especially when it comes to Japanese rock (J-Rock) and Korean pop (K-Pop). For this story, my main character, Nora, is a big fan of  J-Rock too, so it makes sense to me her playlist would be full of music from that genre. So, to get me in that mood I assembled this playlist. Many of these songs are actually referenced or hinted at in some way through the chapters that have gone before, and for those that weren’t, I just felt like they  fit the mood I was trying to create. I’m not going to post links or anything, but you can probably find most of these, if not all, by doing a YouTube search. Hope you find something here you like. I’ve listed the song title first, followed by the artist, and they are assembled in chronological order on how I feel they would fall into the story.

Loveless – Luna Sea

My Heart Draws A Dream – L’arc En Ciel

Queens Are Trumps – Scandal

Las Vegas – B’z

Feel – Exist Trace

Tears –  X Japan

Sweet Emotion – Nanase Aikawa

Incubus – Acid Black Cherry

Ashioto (Be Strong) – Mr Children

Tears & Rainbows – Olivia

I’ll post part 2 of this playlist once we get further into the story. Thank you for reading, and hopefully I will see you tomorrow with another installment of “Vampire Boys”. See you then…