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Happy Anniversary honey

Every day I look at you
Thanking heaven and stars
For that first day we met
And bringing us this far
I never quite imagined
A life as wonderful as this
And every day I’m in awe
Of this sweet wedded bliss

I remember seeing you
Back of church at the aisle
And as you walked towards me
It seemed like miles
I just couldn’t stop smiling
At the very sight of you
My love, my heart, my very bride
To start our life anew.

And now here we are
Nine years from that special day
I’m still so in love with you
It never diminishes or fades away
In fact it just keeps on growing
As we add days to our history
A forever love counting another year
Happy Anniversary…

*For my beautiful, loving wife Heather, with all my heart on our 9th wedding anniversary. ❤💏 Love you baby!

A Wife In The Comfort Of Love

Her dark hair on a pillow

A wife sleeps peacefully

In the comfort of love.

Sunlight through a window

Casts pleasant shadows

Across bedroom walls.

Birds song outside

Serenades the morning

In sweet summer splendor.

A husband adjust his tie

Sees in dresser mirror

His wife’s sleeping image.

Child runs through doorway

Jumps on the bed once still

Awakening the family angel.

Husband shakes his head

As his wife drowsily smiles

Pleasant intrusion of youth.

Kisses her child on forehead

‘motherhood becomes her’

Thinks the beaming husband.

Shooing the child outside

The couple share a smile

Whisper their love tenderly.

Leaning into each other

They kiss lips so sweetly

This evidence of their love.

“Go back to sleep, darling”

He tells his lovely bride

Tucking her in once more.

Husband, lover, father

Looks back in admiration

Upon the woman he loves.

Seeing child off to school

He closes doors quietly

And goes out into the day.

Her dark hair on a pillow

A wife sleeps peacefully

In the comfort of love.
© Paul D. Aronson.