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Images of “Orchard House”

In addition to writing, one of my interests is photography and digital art, so I thought I would share a few of my creations here in my blog today. They were designed in conjunction with the writing of my daily serial romance, “Orchard House & The Heart Of Everything,” and hopefully will be of interest to my readers, followers, and other visitors.

This house I used as the model for Orchard House. Taken from a photograph I took, I then gave it this pencil sketch effect through one of my digital art apps.

Here I’m trying out an oil painting effect for this photograph I took to help in writing the scenery of the novel. Apple trees in the orchard, with a little church in the distance, and the mountain peaks behind. They all find their way into the novel. For anyone following the story, the place Matthew and Summer hike to called Sharp Top is the smaller jagged peak in the center of the range in the background here. It is a real place 😉

Going for a dark tone in this image of the road cutting through the orchard. Whenever possible I like to do photographic studies for my long form stories, and these are just a few I did for the daily serial romance. Hope you enjoyed. 

The Ballad Of You And Me

Sing me a ballad of you and me

Down by the water or under a tree

Capture a moment in poetry or prose

So the heart may take it wither it goes

Sing me a ballad of you and i

Under the blanket of a rain filled sky

Dance in the orchard, a kiss in the field

Will you be mine, oh say that you will

Sing me a ballad of me and you

And lay me down in the morning dew

My love, my heart forever for thee

Oh Sing me a ballad of you and me
Poem & Photo by Paul D Aronson. All Rights Reserved.

For my wife, Heather.

Carnival Of The Clouds

“Carnival Of The Clouds”

Across the sky they dance,
Music box ballerinas
And carousel horses
On the way to the carnival
Of the clouds.

A pride of plush toy lions
And Nutcracker soldiers
March ‘cross the silver lining,
To join in the parade
Of billowing shapes.

A young child applauds
And they all bow,
As they silently prance by,
Just passing through
On a summer’s day.

By Paul D Aronson. 2002. All Rights Reserved.