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Happy Anniversary honey

Every day I look at you
Thanking heaven and stars
For that first day we met
And bringing us this far
I never quite imagined
A life as wonderful as this
And every day I’m in awe
Of this sweet wedded bliss

I remember seeing you
Back of church at the aisle
And as you walked towards me
It seemed like miles
I just couldn’t stop smiling
At the very sight of you
My love, my heart, my very bride
To start our life anew.

And now here we are
Nine years from that special day
I’m still so in love with you
It never diminishes or fades away
In fact it just keeps on growing
As we add days to our history
A forever love counting another year
Happy Anniversary…

*For my beautiful, loving wife Heather, with all my heart on our 9th wedding anniversary. ❤💏 Love you baby!

Native Ground (poem)

You have sold the earth

As if it were yours to own

Hundreds of years of harmony 

In the fields we sown;

We changed to be like you

And when that was not enough 

You sent us across the nation

To eke out a living in the rough;

Never mind that our ancestors stood

Among the trees you cut down

Our mothers gave us life in birth

Right here on native ground;

The peace you promised never comes

Not even in the space of today,

The graves of our forefathers trampled upon

By your children while at play;

And we weep not just for ourselves

But for you and your sad greed

For you will never ever have enough

Always wanting more than you need;

And you may feel the world is yours

But the earth cannot be owned

Any more than the air itself

Or the river that carries us home…
By Paul D Aronson.

Dark Eyes & Bated Breath

“Dark Eyes & Bated Breath”

I walk through the house stopping every clock

So the hands of time would be still

For I wish to capture this moment for eternity

And bring it back to me at will.

Her form and face etched upon my eyes

The taste of her skin to linger on

The melting kiss from her sweet soft lips

Her voice holding me within her song.

I never thought there would be such a love

I could know beyond imagined prose

That I would attempt to stop the time

And freeze it before she goes

To savor her frame where it lies

Wrapped up with mine like this

To drink her lips like morning dew

Or perhaps an evening kiss

While angels sing to lost lonely lovers

I will lose myself in her depths

Forevermore to be held in thrall

In dark eyes and bated breath.

2017 Paul D Aronson.

Kristen’s Lullaby

Note: many years ago when I first started writing poetry online, I received a request to write a poem for a new born baby girl. The poem below was the product of that request. I was informed the poem ended up in a frame over the child’s crib. It was such an honor for me as a writer just beginning to share his work, and I have often wondered where the child and her parents were now. Hope they are well with angels still watching over them. 

“Kristen’s Lullaby”
Hush now my little child

There’s no need to weep,

I will watch over you

in your bedroom as you sleep;

Mother loves you baby

and Heaven loves you too,

Both day and night fade away

but my light will shine on you.
Beneath the shelter of my wings

beneath my halo bright,

no harm can come to you my child

for I’m with you every night;

and though you may never see me

still I am here,

maybe sitting by your bedside

or just hovering near.
But the real angels in this life

are not I, no not I,

maybe a stranger’s prayer

or the gleam in your mother’s eye;

so remember this for always

that when you lay to sleep,

an angel is always close

for your dreams to softly keep.

© 2002 Paul D. Aronson. All Rights Reserved.

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Floating Down The River (poem) 

“Floating Down The River”
Floating down the river

I watched all the burning pieces go,

Her envelopes in a paper boat

Flames against the flow,

‘Twas once I the captain

Of her lonely beating heart,

But then she took a different ship

And I watched us drift apart.
The letters engraved in roses

The perfume now is gone,

And as the letters become ashes

Her words still haunt me like a song,

I know that she did love me

In her own original way,

But while I swam in illusion

She floated quietly away.
The last letter to catch the fire

said that she loved another,

And with tears in my eyes

I hated waking to discover,

she never again would love me

The way I used to know,

Floating down the river

I watched all the burning pieces go. 
© 2004 Paul D. Aronson.