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50 Word Story #12

50 Word Story #12

The sun rises and casts its bright gaze across the molten landscape. The fires of the battle before still burn, fallen bodies drying out in the heat and drawing scavengers to the smoking field. Barren from the war, nothing grows here and no one moves. Everything is dead except memory.

Dear Miss Sarah Lynne (a letter from war)

“Dear Miss Sarah Lynne”

Dear Miss Sarah Lynne

I hope this letter finds you well,

Sometimes it’s not easy to write

As I’m sure you can tell;

I hope mom and dad are doing fine

And the farm is coming along,

The thought of it makes me think of home

Or a sweet old country song.

How’s little Steffie’s braces fit?

Tell her don’t worry they’ll come off soon,

And all the boys will notice her

As if she’s the only girl in the room;

I imagine it must be summertime

The nights here are pretty cold,

And sometimes the fellas just sit around

Wishing for someone to hold.

Did daddy’s crops come in good this year?

How’s mama coming with that quilt?

Is grandpa still tinkering on that car

The one he swore up and down he built?

And how are you doing Sarah?

I’ve been looking at your picture for days,

As the bombs go off all around me

I sometimes wish myself away.

I know that I’ve never met you

And it’s possible that I never will,

But when I imagine you’re my girlfriend

It helps me out here in the fields;

I don’t know how to tell you this

But I guess the truth is best,

I haven’t much words of comfort

Except to say he loved you best.

Dear Miss Sarah Lynne

I regret to inform you this way,

But your brother died in battle

And he was buried here yesterday;

He gave me your picture

And asked me to take the time to write,

In his last moments he told me all about his kin

And the fading of the light.

I’m so very sorry for your loss

I wish there was more I could say,

But I’m only a farm boy myself

Just trying to get through each day;

I was wondering if I make it through this

If it would be okay to come and call,

By then this picture may be long faded

But I won’t forget your face at all.

I guess I should be going now

Soon we’ll be shipping out again,

But I just wanted you to know

Your brother was a hero unto the end;

Please pray for me and the other guys

Sometimes out here we feel so alone,

For we’re all someone’s sons and brothers

Just dreaming of that place called home.

By Paul D Aronson