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50 Words #2

*Continuing my 50 word challenge/prompt, I encourage you to do your own. The goal is to create a scene/story in exactly 50 words. No more, no less. Any subject or theme. The goal here is to just write and maybe practice some self editing in the process. I find this helpful when thinking about writing larger bodies of work. So anyway, have fun and write!*

50 words #2

The coffee cup is cold now, steam dissipated into the chill morning air. At the bus stop, the rain begins, and I wish for the woman with the blue umbrella to show early, coming down the street from her apartment to join me in the wait for the morning commute.

-Paul D Aronson

Seven Days Of Sentences: Day 2

Here I go with Day 2 and the challenge of trying to tell a story in one sentence. Feel free to accept the challenge yourself and post your one sentence story in the comments. Remember, there are no rules on lengths, but once you put in a period, that’s it. Have fun and get those creative juices flowing….

I taste the blood in my mouth, for it is not my own, but the remnants of another night clubbing, Faithless pumping a beat through my dead heart as I drink the only thing human left of her right off my fingertips.

Sleeping Gods in poetry and prose

Today I thought I would try a little experiment. Consider it a challenge or prompt if you’d like. The challenge to myself was to write a short poem or rhyme, as well as a short piece of prose or free write. Both pieces had to cover the same subject or theme, and would allow the reader to see it in two different ways. I don’t know if I succeeeded in this, but here’s what I came up with. Hope you enjoy.


We are the dreams of the sleeping gods 

Peacefully adrift on oceans of time

Wondering if there is more than this

Being a mere fragment of the mind.

+ +++++++++

Once, when I was young, I dreamed I was a dream, and at any moment the gods would awake and I would find myself drifting off into nothing, my whole life amounting to just a figment of heaven’s imagination. In this, the futility of growing up became apparent. For after all, if we are but a dream in the minds of the gods, then nothing is permanence. At any given moment, our very world could change, even to the point where the gods wished to dream of us no more.