Vampire Boys Of Summer (Re-vamped)



Vampire Boys Of Summer is now complete! You can read the entire novel in a binge read if you wish, or take the chapters in daily segments. Enjoy!

Welcome to the new and re-vamped Vampire Boys Of Summer. This web serial is planned to run from January to Summer, with regular weekly and/or bi-weekly episodes. Here on this page you will find links to all the episodes as they are posted and is designed to help you easily find your place in case you miss a chapter or so. Each of these episodes will run from 750 to 1500 words, so you can have some quick bite-sized reading for your day.

What is Vampire Boys Of Summer anyway?

Vampire Boys Of Summer is a serialized novel telling the adventures of 16 yr old Nora Williams, as she goes through all sorts of teen issues including bullying, dating, cutting, absent parents, and of course every girl’s favorite problem…vampires. When her new Japanese neighbors also turn out to be a vampire clan, she finds herself caught up in a whirlwind of romance, danger, and murder. It’s only a week until summer vacation, but things are really heating up in Chelsea Valley. Follow the serial as Nora clues us into what’s going on….

So what is the re-vamp?

Vampire Boys Of Summer began its life on this blog after my wife and I were having a marathon of vampire anime shows. Because I truly enjoy writing for her I thought I’d try my hand at the vampire thing and incorporate anime and manga influences, my love for Japanese rock, as well as some humor and romance to create something I was hoping would be seen as unique. I changed some of the popular vampire rules (I hear the hissing of vamp purists) and created a back story for my characters (which won’t be revealed for quite some time I’m afraid) in my literary attempts. I was going pretty good with over twenty chapters when I hit a brick wall. No matter what I tried I just couldn’t get in the groove and pick up the thread to finish the tale.

So, here we go with a revamp, a basic re-editing with additional details added to flesh out the scenes better and add more depth to the different characters. In some places the addition could be an extra paragraph, in others just a matter of sentences, but I’m hoping this time around the story will flow better and create a smooth serial to carry us through to summer. The chapters have been retitled and restructured, and though there will be more chapters, or episodes, this time around, they will be shorter and hopefully quicker and more appealing to read.

If you have read the original, I hope this will add more to your experience of the story, and if you’re new to it, then welcome aboard, you are just in time. Feel free to comment on any aspect of the story, good or bad. Constructive Critique is always welcome. And if you don’t mind, give us a like if you enjoy an episode. I like them little likeys 😉

Okay then, let’s join Nora and see what’s happening in Chelsea Valley…

Ep. 1: Nora & Miyavi

Ep. 2: Angela

Ep. 3: Tramps & Trumps

Ep. 4: Nora’s Rumor

Ep. 5: Puzzle Freak

Ep. 6: Loveless

Ep. 7: Konnichiwa

Ep. 8: Cutter

Ep. 9: Mom The Impostor

Ep. 10: Miss Thomas & Angela

Ep. 11: Haru

Ep. 12: The Walk

Ep. 13: The Watcher

Ep. 14: Dinner Disagreement

Ep. 15: The Visitor

Ep. 16: Calling Angela

Ep. 17: Nora Falling

Ep. 18: About The Stars

Ep. 19: About The Scars

Ep. 20: Ryo

Ep. 21: Daddy Dream

Ep. 22: Chi

Ep. 23: Friends By Association

Ep. 24: Miss Lazenby

Ep. 25: Luhan

Ep. 26: Colin

Ep. 27: Vampires 101

Ep. 28: Steamed Ryo

Ep. 29: Mother At Midnight

Ep. 30: Tears And Rainbows

Ep. 31: Very Pleasant Intruder

Ep. 32: Brand New Nora

Ep. 33: Two Trumps

Ep. 34: OMG What’s Your Name?

Ep. 35: Colin, Mom, & Yakisoba

Ep.36: The Bite & The Breath

Ep. 37: Road Trip

Ep. 38: Haru, The Girl Killer

Ep. 39: Haru, The Girl Killer Pt. 2

Ep. 40: Day Room Of Doom

Ep. 41: Dad & Haru

Ep. 42: Fast Road Home

Ep. 43: Saving Haru

Ep. 44: Girl Talk

Ep. 45: Bestie Fight

Ep. 46: Ryo’s Offer

Ep. 47: Nora Alone

Ep. 48: Breathless Whispers

Ep. 49: A “Noru” Kind Of Morning

Ep. 50: A Bath & Suspiria

Ep. 51: Ryo’s Conquests

Ep. 52: Haru’s Room

Ep. 53: Things We Don’t Like To Hear

Ep. 54: Protecting Mother

Ep. 55: Home Invasion

Ep. 56: Nora Under Attack

Ep. 57: The Truth About Dad

Ep. 58: Rabid Teacher Day

Ep. 59: The Odd Miss Thomas

Ep. 60: Nobody Likes A Trump

Ep. 61: Nora Breaks Bad

Ep. 62: Fixing Nora

Ep. 63: A Gathering For Nora

Ep. 64: Evil On The Cell

Ep. 65: Deciphering Icarus

Ep. 66: Sentries

Ep. 67: Officers In Blue

Ep. 68: In Pursuit

Ep. 69: Looking For Ryo

Ep. 70: Is It Him?

Ep. 71: The Devil’s Hole

Ep. 72: The Labyrinth

Ep. 73: Through The Maze

Ep. 74: Masters Revealed

Ep. 75: Out Of The Frying Pan

Ep. 76: Angela, The Breeder Feeder

Ep. 77: Kill The Master!

Ep. 78: Into The Fray

Ep. 79: The Pitiful Fate Of Miss Thomas

Ep. 80: Ryo & Angela

Ep. 81: Revolt Of The Humans

Ep. 82: Flight From The Cavern

Ep. 83: If You Want Blood, You Got It

Ep. 84: While I Was Out

Ep. 85: Home Is Where The Haru Is

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